ACIM Perspective

“The body represents the gap between the little bit of mind you call your own and all the rest of what is really yours.”
28.VI.4, A Course in Miracles

This is but one verse that epitomizes the framework provided through A Course in Miracles. Rather than distract ourselves with the question, “Is this true?”, we can instead consider the question, “How is this speaking directly to the fullness of my Self?” or “How can I use this thought to benefit My/Our/This experience?”

To start, I would say that this verse allows us to contemplate (or meditate) upon the true nature of our Mind: its scope, its nature, and its utility to us in this experience. Just as a hammer can be used to destroy or construct, so too our mind can be used to create either limiting self-experience or fulfilling collective-experience. “The body” as defined by A Course in Miracles is more of a perspective than a physicality; namely, “the body” is the mindset in which there exists an inherent separation between all things. Contrast this with “Spirit”, which we can conventionally define as a mindset in which all things are inherently and intimately interconnected.

The Biblical Jesus told us that “By their fruits you shall know them”. We can use this in connection with our foundational faith-positions. Namely: what sort of fruits is this thought-system producing? This is precisely how we use the scientific method to probe our spiritual life, bringing light into the domain that has for too long been considered invisible.